Cult of immediate gratification

Ok I wrote this on Sunday, posted it on Monday. And the line came from someone else (Vé Ronique). But if you think of it you can glean some huge truth out of it. I go back to the point of the fact that I have chosen to remain true to marriage vows until the divorce comes through. I then feel like the writer of the subject it is far better to delay the gratification. I want the date, I want the person to get to know me before doing the U HAUL. I have seen how this has impacted my children with the randoms that have come and gone up to the current one at my ex-to-be life. I think that part of the romance is not to drop the clothes at the first sign of the need to get off. I am sorry for being that blunt but if you think about it there is a huge point that most do understand is that what relationships are built

As with most things the time that is given before the sex allows a deeper sense of love and bonding and core memories to be built before the the serious part of the relationship is started. Our grandparents who had long lasting relationships took time building them and remembered to forgive and forget. The cute older couples never got there by having a jump in the sack asap.

plus after a huge loss of a relationship taking the time to rebuild ones core self is huge the building blocks for your future happiness and for those around you. I am amazed  and very thankful for another friend who opened this conversation that sparked my ideas. Thanks Fiona!


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