My Time

Well hello there!

Did ytou think i forgot about you? Well I did not, not one little bit. So lets have a chat. This week has been super crazy. I worked on myself and had a close look at the issues of the Cult of Intimidate Gratification. I have been removing a few memories that have been causing me grief lately. One was to make a dear a reality and that was to get rid of the3 van and buy myself a “Look at me I am divorced” car. I had the money saved up and was ready to fly to Melbourne when a few friends and I plus Gabriel had a talk about doing that and how that choice might not have been a very wise one. So I took my savings and paid off bills and got a few things here and there that we were needing. Did that remove some stress you bet it did I was very pleased with that. I have also replaced a item that we had to have and it was giving us some quality in place.

No I have not given up on the issues of the MG but when I do get it. I think i will enjoy it a bit more and I will be getting the one I really want and not settle for a another one that has a lot of issues and the3 time to restore it would really cost a bit to do so. Where if I safe my pennies once more I will be able to buy the one that is 90% in better shape. Plus I love Manuals and the ones I was looking at were Automatics.

I replaced a few tools that I left when we moved out.  When you think on it stuff can be replaced and I have been doing it here and there pausing my dream I have sped up other wants and needs.

I am really big on the children getting a good education. So after talking to the teachers I got the children and Tablet each for putting reading eggs on and the maths program that the school is using. I am going to work real hard to get the children ahead.

SO if you look at I postponed a small dream for a bigger dream that of the children getting a better life. I had lunch with a couple of friends one who i will be interviewing soon. So I am looking forward to getting to know her better and Introducing my friend to the rest of my readers.

Well I am so very sorry but I am going to keep this short. I will have a review on the Dafni Hair Brush…..Just you wait!

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