The hair cut

OK, after waking up looked like I tied one one last night I made the choice to face my fear of hair cuts. So I had met this person at price cutters this week Elle. She invited me to come see her when I was ready for a gender affirming haircut. Well being it took me also a year to get it to this length I was worried about someone messing with and I would be back at square one at again. Elle talked to me for a little we set a plan and a course for the future. Once my hair was wet out came my curls. Surprise yup I have something other women want and a lot don’t, nice natural curly hair.  After a few snips Elle did a small styling pop my hair looked better.
We talked about where I was from and how long I have been here for.  We talked about a small about gender issues and my children. I was so pleased with the amazing treatment I was given, when Elle asked if I would suggest to others who are trans to come see her I told her that I would blog it. Elle you made me feel great and I look forward to the future..

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