I really love all of my friends, I count myself very lucky to know all of them and I am inspired by some of them. All of them are very kind, loving, and friendly people. That said put the in a group setting you will lose track of time. I did that yesterday my day started with me getting a hair cut and the fear that come with that. Then the day just went on and on. I was having so much fun. I even had a wonderful time talking to the children who were at there mums for a visit(normally I miss them so very much, I am still not used to seeing them everyday).
All we needed last night was camp fire it would have been a beer commercial you know the ones “good friends, good times, good beer, blah blah blah” laughter all around serous talks as well. Talks around gender and surgery stupid things we have done. Would have loved to have had a few others that I know there as well. Though I have a few friends who I love so very much that when the talking of the black item came might have run out of the friends house screaming.
I think of the times and the friends that in have and the life I have built before and after choices made and the friends I have did not change only grew. Am I defined by my friends well in a way yes we are the company we keep. If the people we are calling friends are shallow and without real soul………just saying that if you have friends like that what does that say about you?


What a good friend the person who took this photo is. I got home to another friend waiting and checking on me. In return I could not wait to gas bag with her. I wish I could introduce all of my friends in a small way but all of them have such redeeming qualities that two pages would not be enough to write about them and I could not have do justice to how I see all of them. So here is an offer if you see me talking to a friend don’t be scared come join in you will never know who you might get to meet. You know what I am saying, it could the loving caring soul who is Rowan, it could be the friend that I talk to who gives it to me straight Denise, it could even be the woman I call my mum Jackie you never know. Though I do promise a wonderful person. Oh BTW the way I do have a this one friend who I simply adore have has reignited my love for signing so if you see me with this amazing multi colored hair woman talking and broken signing please be kind and come talk but wait until we can focus on you. Cause once you get to know her you might even ask like my kids do when can we see……. Again. Notice I did not give you her name that’s cause I would rather you ask her😁.
Well my dear readers it is 9am and I need to shower

by the way I can’t wait until the end of the month guys you can stop reading at this point, lol. I have hit a stage that I did not think I was going to hit for at least another six to twelve months I have gone up a cup size. I can only feel really funny about this. Cause I look down and there they are getting to a point where I am not being able to hide them.

P.s.I am finding out that I am not the only person in the lgbtiq…..who wants Jenner to shut the beep up. Sad in a way the fall from grace this once hero has done. I don’t think that all of it is due to the trans woman issues. Just saying that if you are hollow………reap and sow kind of thing, eh?

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