Sometimes (rant warning)

There are days you feel like you are the fourth page of a google search. Well I was feeling a bit ordinary all morning could not find the mojo. I was a bit angry that the Ex-to-be would forget to inform me that our daughter had a good crash on her bike and she was having a hard time walking. We get home and she is complaining a bit about it all and the that she is having a hard time bending it. I take a good look at her knee and it is the size of Grapefruit. Wow give it the first aid treatment, cause I am trained in that (yup i am pissed). I am unable to say without a doubt that there is nothing wrong so off to 3 hours of the LGH (Launceston General Hospital), the doctor who took the time to look at it was not sure so X-Rays are ordered. Phew no breaks that we can see. Good home we go with the orders of very little walking and keep it up and ice it. If pain arises give anti-inflammatory pain relief. Msg ex-to-be (not accusing anything) to say hey here is what is going on and I get back SHIT. WTF at some point just because you have been a parent for 20+ years does not make you a know it all. Those of us who are trained can’t tell how are you going to tell, give me a break. All I asked was next time could you please inform me of a accident so that I am in not like I am asking for the GDP of a country. All I was doing was also being a good parent in telling her that we went to the LGH. RAGH!!!!!!!

Niamh still has a knee that looks bad I am going to have to get her to the GP and have them look really good at it. Cause without a break the swelling should have dropped and some of the pain resided. Which it has not done even after a day of elevation and ice.

I love being a parent going through a divorce. Wow what stress on simple stuff there is. What a waste of time at the LGH for several hours. Oh yeah That Jackass of a family assessor  can kiss my ass. The mum is better suited, and I am telling the kids bad things about her. I don’t have to do any of that she nukes everything on her own. In the car tonight asking Niamh about how things are going she brushes Niamh’s concerns off like it was nothing. Then tells Gabriel that he was wrong that there is no more WII’s being sold that they are not made anymore and you can’t get any games for them. That I should give the one we have back to her, cause her father bought it for the kids. We surprise me we agreed I could take it so you would keep the PS3. How many lies have you told yourself? Plus he knew that you can’t buy new ones but places still have a few games here and there. Cause he just got a new game a couple of days ago. Gets off the phone with her and yells out I hate when she lies to me.

To say this divorce was ever going to be smooth was a self dissolution ion progress. Glad it is going through Grant cause I think I would have been fucked in the end.


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