Getting into the groove

Well day by day the groove happens even if we don’t want it to. You might as well take a hold of it with both hands. So embracing that dreams that I have of making this blog successful and wanting to help others, and for others to see what my life is like and that it Train-Wreck-1is no different than any other. I really don’t like Jenner hell we have given her 2 years so far and what has she done other than line her pockets. Opps off track…..

Okay so back top it I wanted to look at what can be done to help improve my blog. So I am looking at starting a stay at home business model which will be added on to this blog as well. So I wanted to look at cosmetics cause a lot of those who are in the trans community are still a bit spooked by asking questions and just don’t know who to go to for  help in that area cause trust me not all of us want to look like a drag queen not there is nothing wrong with that mind you.

So I have taken a look at a few of the bushiness models and I was not really all that impressed of the a lot of them and I wanted a bit of training as well. Cause you could never get enough help sometimes. I wanted to work with something that had been around with a proven track record and not a fly by night program. So I sent in a request today of a company I have used in the past and while it is not top of the range it is reasonable for the cost output as well. So we will see more about this as time goes on.

I am coming up on a new month done and have been lcalendarooking at what took the place of the last month. SO keep an eye on the My book page for the hormone update.



Just as a side note I am sure you have noticed that my Dyslexia gets in the way sometimes writing and I am sorry for that but it is after all a real fact of my life. Though to be honest I am humble enough if something needs to be corrected and someone tells me I am happy to fix it for you. But I am not really willing to fix content.dyslexic

Look at it this way if I can do this blog i know others with Dyslexia will also be able to hurdle this little bump in our roads of life.


I came across a YouTube video the other week which concerned me a great deal and started a research binge for a few days. What it was about Transgender regrets. This old man sat there and claimed that 90% of us have a mental disorder and that is why we follow down this path in life. That our core issue of feeling like we are not in our right skin is linked to To be honest I have taken a long hard look over the years at this subject and I can see that to a little part he is correct. Anxiety, Depression, Introverted and the list goes on and on. But I do not agree that what he was saying is that 90% us suffer from greater issues. That if these issues were addressed we could be cured. I think he takes this path as part of his regrets as if you can follow this line, he was once a she who once was a he… I think his own issues have clouded his judgement of the core issues that sit with 99% of Trans that we all had to hide some for a very long time and that kind of hiding changes a person. The bullying of friends and families and even the ones we marry is very harmful. Even I have heard lines like why can’t you be a real man. That line is a very painful one but I am not alone in hearing those.I guess you can look at it in this light Just be the best person you can be and if others don’t like or cannot handle it to bad for them.


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