It is something we all do…..

I have noticed it many times and I think it is something I am going to start today’s blog with “Scaping”. Hmm you say “what the heck is “Scaping”? well it is mainly use to point at males who need to have some “Man Scaping” done well there is a part of truth in relationships that a large amounts of Men & Women let themselves go and thus part of the reason some of the relationships fail. In fact I would say it is a LARGE helping hand to the failure of the relationship. Think about it from this point when the man lets himself go it places a huge nagging person asking him to stop this or that, do this or that. She is never really happy with anything he does. In fact what she has not noticed is that Nagging does not help the man in fact it pisses him off that then he labels the actions of the wife and a “Nagging” sometimes he begins to hide his actions by doing the things she does not like on the side or hidden. I used to try to hide drinking coke. I love my coke, in factg it used to cause so many problems at home it was not funny.

Ok lets flip the coin Women follow the same pattern men do but in a slightly different way. No longer greeting him in the morning, stop getting dressed up for no reason at all, gaining large amounts of weight, and the list can go on.

Both of these people are at fault they have become happy the conquest is over. They are happy to a point with the way they are and not willing to fight the good fight that got them their prize in the first place.

So you ask “what does this have to do with Transition?” Well just like the couple above one part being me and the other part being….. We need to understand that the path to the prize is not a fast one and it is one that needs to be cared for on a daily basis. Even if we don’t have that special person in our lives it is wise to act like it. Treat yourself to a dress up day, exercise, do more sit less, love the one your with, cause it is in the end the only true intelligent person you will ever find. Hell don’t be scared of talking to yourself some of your biggest problems can be worked out in the shower.

I found something funny today and I would like to point it out. I don’t like to read, plain and simple most of the time if the points cannot be made fast part of my Dyslexia kicks in and words on the page start to move. Then the meaning of the thing I was reading gets lost. Okay back to what I read (yup I still do read though, just hated it) reading a mountain of books will do you no good unless you put what you have read to practice. Look at all of what I have talked about it does no good pointing out others flaws when you have your own. If you want more attention of your partner give more attention, do things the other person would not normally do for themselves. Suggest things that the other person might like.

You might see that others including yourself might see you in a different light.

That’s my two cents….it’s free

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