My Heroes

I was trying to talk to me children about hero and superheros. I told them that anyone can be a hero sometimes for different reasons and sometimes to different persons heroes can be villains. We walked through my list of heroes and talked about why I think they are mine. So I would like to share my list of heroes with you as well and maybe just maybe you might know them.

Edward Allen Nichols, The number one hero on my list though I only got to know him for a short time and that my birth name is his middle name. He left and amazing stamp on my soul that I can never forget. I remember as a child being the apple of his eye and he was always proud of me. Some of my fondest memories are of being at his office where he ran his Archway Cookies. He always treated me with such respect and love. Even though he was dying I never knew, I would like to think he never wanted to show his weakness and always wanted me to know that I was loved by him. I nicknamed him at a young age Cookiedad, if you could have seen the way I was treated by him. I get all teary just writing about him. I have this painting in my home that was his and in his office it reminds me of him everyday. The Ex-to-be never let me forget how much she hated the painting, but top me the painting and the memories are far more important than her opinion on it.

Gabriel Allen Robins, I know it is my 10 year old son but it is very simple. A few years back Gabriel stood up and protected his little sister from being rapped and he got all of them out of the danger and home safe. When we fled that night to escape the violence it was so amazing that he show such strength since then.

Cate Mcgregor, As a trans woman I have looked for others who have walked the million steps that I have. Gone though the many trials that I have. I found that Cate’s story drew several similarities to what I went through. I am going to include the link for you to know just a bit of what I know.
Cate Mcgregor

The D&D group,  Okay it is far easier to lump these wonderful people together than it would be to spell out about each one and why I say that they are my heroes. It started with Two Alan Tuff & Rowan MacKenzie when I told them all what had been going on and that the children and I left the violence, then when I told them I was Trans. These two great people simply and without anyone telling them they had to said something to the lines of “You’re still my mate”. It then went to two others of this group Graham MacKenzie and Liam Gilligan affirming the same. I sat down with Liam and his wife as I explained what was going on and I am so truly thankful Yvette. You never know what kind of friends you have until the shit hits the fan.

The Lockhart & Johnstone clans, When all was not right in my world, when all seemed lost and confused like a beacon on the show these two amazing Families lite candle and kept it going. At times the beliefs that we once shared no longer share but the facts of a wonderful desire to have been part of these families by birth remains the same and a profound respect for all of them as well. I will forever be thankful for simple advice without judgement and without personal interest.

These to my children are my heroes, none of them are superstars. But none of them ever wanted to be superstars yet they are. Thanks to all my heroes the truth is for everyone pick you heroes wisely that they might have traits that you aspire to.


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