24 hours ago

(TICK TICK TICK)stop watch

I woke to the magical sounds of two boys running in the house at 6am (OMG go back to bed) We started off behind the eight ball (please find some socks).Socks Niamh where is your backpack (in the house) uh, why are you just standing at the cart then? (8unlock the front door, get back pack). Drive to school, needed some treat for there lunch stop at Coles. Bump in to a reader of the blog that I don’t know, “OMG Aleana is that you, you to stunning” (wow, meet and greet me like that everyday). Get the kids to school have a great talk with the teachers on how things are going. As we are walking in Gabriel takes off to get to class, I love that. As we are walking towards Niamhs classroom I can see that Gabriel is stopped by three older boys who did not look like they were being to kind. Then they see me and take off, they did not like the look i was giving them (don’t mess with my kids I get very angry). So I call Gabriel over and find out that they were giving him a bit of a poke cause he talks different Gabriel says “they asked why I talk like an American, I was like Duh my dad is ones and I am part of one” I love you Gabriel for standing up to the other boys. Go to girl friends house and head to Spotlight (WARNING HORMONES HAVE CHANGED YOU IN THIS STORE, expect to buy something). wp-1460072461751.jpgBuy something to do with the children as a project (Yup we did this). Glitter everywhere but looks great next is to get the photos done. Grab drinks with friend, drop her off at home. Make it home in time to clean and think that your glad that the house is not bigger (more mess). Make a call to the Catholic Education head office (I’m still waiting on the call back). Finish house check email answer email from person I bumped into, I think I am being stalked, just kidding. I still don’t know her name. But it was so nice to talk to a reader than to get and email where the person says “Holy (beep) i bet I looked like a stalker I am so sorry. It was so nice to meet you.” I love when people bump into me and say such things like “WOW, Ally your hair!” Cause it is at the point before you meet that person you feel like..Bad Hair….. So then you walk like you are on cloud nine and nothing can pop that bubble. Pick up the children from school and have fun chat with a new friend. Head home and look at the lounge room and feel like it is old and needs a change. So kids and I change to whole living room cause I had a wild hair. It looks better and I like that. Cook dinner, ex-to-be calls and at some point in the call she starts telling Gabriel how bad of a parent I am and I have always been. Hey Yvone you dense piece of crap maybe if you took the time to do your Job right you would listen in on all of the calls. Stupid drop kick of a human being. Wow how (beeping) stupid can you be to attack the other parent when that parent is in ear shot. SO there goes an issue where Gabriel learned that my feelings get hurt and I am sick of her. We have a chat about how that kind of conversations are not right and mum should not be talking to you like that and if I do it I want him to say “hey dad please…” and that I will stop right then and there cause it is not on. Gabriel sits for a few minutes and it hits him that what she has done is be a bully. He comes to me in tears very upset and not understanding why mum has to be like that. We give hugs for a bit he calms down and life is back to normal. Kids showered and ready for bed. Hezekiah starts coughing when he is asleep asthma attack in his sleep, great now to wake the mini-beast give him some meds. Now I can relax a few. Nope Gabriel is upset again. Hugs and love talking it over. Off he goes to bed……Right. Time to relax nope Niamh gets up to use bathroom and comes to give a hug and then heads to bed. Time to relax……Nope Hezekiah starts to sneeze, get those meds. He is doing it in his sleep, okay wake the mini-beast again. The time to relax, nope Niamh needs another hug. Time to relax……YES after a few minutes bed time get to my room and there is this huge snore its Gabriel, looks like those actions of his mum hit him harder than I thought so I leave him as he was very upset (glad I have a queen bed). Climb into bed and Gabriel says (sleep talking) “I love you dad thank you”, there it goes snap crackle and pop goes my heart. All I can do is look at this wonderful boy who is sleeping. My heart fills with the love and Joy I have had for all of my children since the day each of them were born. I lay down and fall asleep only to wake an hour later wide awake (crap). So awake for 2 hours and then fall asleep. Only to wake at 7 am and start the last day of school.

Yup that’s my life………

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