I am so proud of my children

Over a year ago I took  a job working with those who have a disability. I refused to be on the sidelines and chose to make a difference. I taught my children what I knew at my core that disabilities are just a speed bump nothing more and if you hit them at just the right speed they are a launching pad.
The last few days my children and I have been enjoying the time with a great friend and her wonderful son. Who has challenges, but my children DON”T care. I am so proud of them Gabriel today said “Dad if (beep) was at my school no one would ever Bully him i would not let it happen”. Think about that for a minute, this is my 10 year old son saying this….Heck he is just at the point where girls are starting to look like he could get to know them. My children yes they have asked questions about people I work with and (beep). They have seen the bad times that these challenges has caused. They have also seen the good side that these blessings have given them when they chose to become (beeps) friend.

What have you taught your children today??

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