Opps she did it again????

In the age of stars trying to remain relevant by  shocking us maybe we should just ignore Germain Greer. She has fought a good fight and those younger than her have taken up the fight. So why am I saying this well I would draw your attention back to her now famous statements about transwomen not being women, though I don’t want to waste my time finding it, lol. During a show on the Australian TV called Q&A on the ABC she once more put her shovel in the dirt again. have a look at this link to the show,
I can’t help but stop and think that this is one of the most educated women in today’s society who is starting to find that a newer generation is replacing her. She has had the lime light for so long and is craving the attention that she once had.
I did not want to stay on the sidelines and not have my say on the show so I was all to happy to reply to her conversation on the shows Facebook as many others did. I have posted it with a reply that I am going to try to respond to via my blog as doing it on face book would not give the attention to the question it deserves.

Aleana Robins Hello everyone, I have read most of the posts before mine and as a transwoman I have to say I respect GG for her views. I don’t like them as I find them a bit lacking in knowledge of trans issues. There are many reasons why Trans stop and become who they really are. But if you look at the core of the issue as to why it takes others so long to “come out of the closet” much of it lies at fear. I challenge everyone know us, we are not that different. We still have the same issues as many others. Though people like GG offer new problems. Many lives have walked our paths some have even died on the path cause of narrow views. I would welcome anyone who would like to know what our life is like have a look at mine at www aleanasjourney com Get to know my life read my story. Then Judge me and others when you get to know us. GG should take the time to do her homework before placing fiction over fact.

Bonnita Despy

someone someone Thanks for wonderful response. I love her as well but like all people that I respect some of their views conflict with mine. I will be sure to check out your blog. Wish you all the happiness in the world.

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Aleana Robins

Aleana Robins Thank you someone that was very nice of you to say

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Kavana Sama
someone someone Hey Aleana Robins. Out of curiosity could I ask you a couple questions.
Germaine’s comments of people being unable to identify as the ‘other sex’ because when they are born as one, they can not personally know the other. I understand that people can feel that they don’t belong or fit in with the standard that society puts on gender but I don’t understand how that is a disconnection with one’s gender or one’s self instead of one’s disconnection with the society’s standard or expectation of that person.
I believe Without gender standards dictated by society we would all be what we currently perceive as gender fluid. That we are born with a natural gender that is irrelevant of gender stereotypes. And the confusion is that being feminine is not reserved for women as being masculine is not reserved for men. Am I wrong in thinking this and if so can you explain to me from your perspective how so???
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 Wow, what a well thought out reply. Thank you so much for this view. I havew spent a whole day thinking about my response to it all. The only response I can give is a person more than what lie between their legs? What really defines a woman, to be honest no one person has a right to define that. It come at a great cost when we as a society points at a person and say cause you look like then you are “blah”. So what makes a woman? The question also cannot be defined. Cause as  GG liked to point out “Know” must be defined and “Know” cannot be defined except by the person “knowing” as this question is not about what makes a woman but it should be seen as who do your feelings tell you that you identify with. Once this level of knowledge is reviewed then we can leave the narrow minded to themselves.
Darren Tumak

someone someone I agree, what a wonderful response. I think GG has contributed amazing things in the past to the feminist movement…but I have to say I feel her recent commentary re: trans just offensive and seeming to echo the very same narrow minded essentialistic sentiments that she’s previously fought so hard to escape. I’m not trans or fortunate enough to know one, but I applaud your strength and hope that you are warmly and wholeheartedly accepted by all with whom you share your story. Kudos to you for putting your story out there – I hope it helps people broaden their minds and think twice before thinking negatively of experiences they don’t understand.

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Kavana Sama
Someone someone I see that you identify as a transwoman. That is the mindset that I have, that trans people can identify as trans not as the ‘other’ sex. A born man can identify as a transwoman but not as a woman because by nature they can not know how that actually feels they can only know what they are classed as doesn’t suit them personally.
I am a male and have always identified as male so maybe my perspective is limited, therefore currently, so is my understanding.

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Aleana Robins

Aleana Robins GG is only part right. Let’s take a closer look at trans children. Young girls and boys, they don’t really care what lies between their legs. Until someone points it out. But if you are trans that is the point where the pain and confusion start. You can see the problem but you want to be like the other who does not have that issue. There is not an issue of sex. It is far deeper than that. It lies at the thought level of processing. When we start to grow then we are shoved in a box where if we don’t fit the mold that is when society might label us as gay, butch, Tom boy, girly, what ever it is. When at the simple part it is that we are not any of them. We are not boy or girl. We can only find that role that best fits. If that role is choosing a gender of the opposite of our born binary, you have to do something to stop the internal struggling. Reading my blogs pages might give you a deeper look into how I feel about your question cause it is something I don’t think I am able to quantify in a paragraph or two. I would have loved to been like every other man but I am not able, I have tried and tried and failed……doing the same thing over and over is the true explanation of stupidity, something like that…..lol forgive my misquote. This was typed out on my phone so no paragraphs

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Aleana Robins
Aleana Robins Thank you both for you responses
Well I don’t really know if I was able to answer the person cause it really was a question that did stump me into thinking about it all day, lol have a good night.
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