The dreaded wait

The one thing many people don’t talk about in divorces with children is the day of time for them to visit the other party. You can tell the air is not the same once you wakeup and as the time gets closer you know you are going to miss the kids. For me I am happy that they go see their mum. I have been the other parent who has the visits and I understand the wait to see them. It sits in your gut and there is nothing you or anyone can do it. If you don’t have children you will never know much less understand the feeling of what I am talking about.
Them there is the day when they come home you try to plan for it all to be honest you can’t but you can try. Something I have learned is that you can make a dinner but not cook it that will give you time to be ready or keep busy. Do things to there rooms you have been dying to do this will help set an excitement mood when they arrive home. As sometimes not always have negative explosion of energy cause at each parents home there is a difference between the two sets of rules. It takes them a bit of time to reset. So the more you can avoid this by keeping the mood high the better for all.
Feed them slow fuel before and after the visits with the other parent. This takes away the energy explosion. Try not to be the parent that sets the other up for a hard time at visit time. It is all about Karma, baby

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