Changes are happening now

As I try to build upon this site I have renamed the “my book” page to “My timeline”. My reason for this idea was to add a more complete flow to the blog. I hope in time to have enough information to create a book of my time on this earth and my struggles. Having a memory like I do, some of the about me page have been very painful while other times I have been able to smile from ear to ear.
Someone once asked me why don’t I write everything down at one go, it would be faster. To be honest I can’t do it something’s are very hard to go back over.
My first love who I lost. It was my fault I did not have my head screwed on right. Walking people through that will be hard and in time when I am ready. There are memories like the birth of my children, I’m not sure if I’m ready to let them know how every emotion I was feeling but in time I will find the strength to put that while memory in words.
There are memories of being haunted of times that are better left dead and buried.
I will add as I am able……..

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