Back at my favorite place

So here I am on a new day with good friends to surround me. The board mills market. I love this place for a few reasons. It has spawned an amazing new growth let’s share………


Wow, this is the start of something wonderful. Now they are adding a bar….. This is not the finished product but it is a start. I have been told of what is coming. If you want a place to sit and enjoy a wonderful afternoon with food that is to die for. Simple yet that sense of comfort food.


The inclusion cafe is still here as well. Good hot chocolate and coffees. Wonderful company.


I am so excited for my friends and what they are building. With James making the bar it will be am amazing place to relax and enjoy time with good friend. If you are in Tasmania or visiting come for a peek have a seat. Come now and watch the birth of something wonderful. It is not like surprise it’s here type place your input and ideas are listened to. I can’t wait a mini stage is in the works as well. So live comfort music at times. I am loving this place for writing good people and good company. What else could a person want for a Relaxing place on a Saturday.

Well I would write about something but I am so happy right now I think someone might be confused. I am not going to wear black in respect for my mum. I’m not going to look about it as well. I am just going to live and have a good life. I know that my mum never understood me but why sook about it. I am going to live and be happy. Thanks God for who I am……

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  1. Enjoyed my hot chocolate and toasted sandwich too. Nice feeling about the venue.

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