They are home….

Well it is nice to have them home again. So that we just sat down and had dinner in the living room talking and enjoying good food. Bed time came and we were happy once more. Kids were happy to be home.

It is strange that I missed the snoring of the children and when it was back I missed it so much I stay awake in my bed and enjoyed it. My heart was full to the brim.

Gabriel told me today that the mum of one of his friends does not like me. We had a chat about it and I told him “mate that is okay I never asked her to like me, all I did was when she was in need I gave her help. If she does not like me it weighs not on my soul cause I am at peace”. Gabriel listened took what I said and asked “What is it like to be at peace with her hating you” I told him “Peace is a wonderful thing, it comes at a cost. That cost is not mine to pay, I have paid kindness for the hatred and I will not hate for another persons problems”. He looked at me and stated that he though he understood, we chatted a bit more and he repeated what he thought I said back. He was very close and close in that matter was good enough for Karma to be happy.


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