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Dianne (Beep) It’s shameful that a transgender woman isn’t happy believing in his/her heart that he is exactly the same as a real woman, the simple fact is he is not and never will be genetically a “real” woman. Real women grow breasts that comfort and nourish their young. They have a womb, they begin menstruating as a young teen and from that moment on she knows she has the power to create another human, whether she acts on it or not it is her choice. Most women conceive, carry and deliver a child from her body, nothing in the world compares to that. You might like to think it does, but no man could ever understand how it feels for 9 months to share your own body with another human, it cannot be explained, it must be felt to truly comprehend. Real women bleed, they ache, they swell, their bones are smaller, their muscles weaker, yet they care for the entire family, and most have a career on top of that. Women are the soft spot on which their husbands and children land when they need comforting. So no, no man can understand what it is truly like to be a woman, and no, no woman can understand what it is like to truly be a man.

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Aleana Robins
Aleana Robins Dianne I respect you views, but at the same time you are missing major points that is part of every Trans it is that we have not felt “right” since most of us can remember. This is not a choice we are making we did not get a choice. I bet if you asked any Trans we all would say, yes life would be easier if we could stay the same as everyone else.
Though staying the same is not a choice we have if we want to thrive within our own skin.
Yes you are 100% correct we don’t know what it is like to be what we were not born with. At the same time we do not know what it is like to be what we are born with. I identify as a Transwoman, I was born with the parts of a man. Though in my mind I never was a man. This will never make sense to CIS gendered people cause you don’t have the issue. We are fully aware that we are the ones who do not fit into both sides of the binary.
So what do we do? First we try to find some group that we identify with the closest for me I was always Women. I know my limits but at the same time those limits are only placed there by those who have never understood what it is like to be a soul without the correct home.
I would like to welcome you to read my blog it is about my Transition and what I go through on a day to day basis. I think once you take the time and learn about me you will see that I am not any different than you. Have a peek at www aleanasjourney com. If you have any questions while reading my blog ask me I will do my best to answer. I hope you have a wonderful day.
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Aleana Robins
Aleana Robins Dianne L(beep) Once again I respect your voice and the way you are feeling. You have asked and made a lot of statements and I would love to try to help your understanding. First I respect you when you talk about your confidence in your gender role. There were days as a youth when I begged for God to make me just like you. Now we need to air out a few small misconceptions. I am not here to tell you tell you how to think or feel when it comes to you being the Gender role that you are comfortable with. These are your rights in a free country. The points that you bring up with your regards of God. There is a huge hole in this argument as mankind in one form or another has played the God game. God, in agreement with you (yes, I am Christian) has created each and everyone of us. All of us with our flaws and strengths. I want you next time you need to get an Immunization think about the idea that someone played god to save lives and you have played god to save yours. f you are going to use the God/Bible attack you might want to review the words on women, adultery, blacks, and slavery……..many many more. One who pick and plucks through the word of god is creating a sin as well. Yes I know your next argument, so without going through verse by verse and people thinking this is just a religious rant. No one needs to cast that stone.
I am not denting that DNA is the structure to which we are built upon, but if you are going to take the Argument of God then you must agree that DNA is flawed, do you see where this part of the argument could go? You cannot argue the God line and switch back to the science line as well. Cause the next part is an attack upon the structure of mankind to understand God and the written word or you have to look and think that science is flawed. There is only a stalemate to this line of thinking.
Now the last part of you reply was a line that you might want to rethink ” Once we choose to demand people accept us for what we want to be, instead of accepting” So the status Quo was back in the 50’s still allowed race discrimination. When did women start voting 1894-1923. Is the status quo that you are requesting what you really agree to?

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Aleana Robins
Aleana Robins Dianne L(beep) To be honest I am not here to force you to agree with me. I am only asking you to rethink your reasons for the you points of view. There is nothing wrong with saying “I just don’t like it” or “It’s not for me”. We should always be careful when we need the past to support our stance in the present.
Now I understand that I am speaking in a “We” when in truth I am speaking for “Me”. I hope she takes the time and has a read my be even ask me questions. As I have said in the past I am very happy to answer.Well I have a feeling like this person is going to drag this on once they read what I wrote, lol. I though I would share this with you as pointing out that you can stand up for yourself without being militant towards others. Allow them the right to feel like they do. We too have a right to disagree.
I hope your day is filled with love and happiness…..
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