I stand once more

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I did say last night I had a feeling this would go on…..Please I know I am possibly talking to a wall. Though there might be other readers who might learn something or understand more from what I have written. The reason I stand is simple “We all Matter”.
Dianne L(beep) Aleana Robins your sickness makes you think your circumstances compare to women’s suffrage or civil rights. This is the victim game you love to play. You have never been suppressed, you have a right to own property, you have the right to vote, you have every single right any other man in the US has, so you cannot even pretend to know what women went thru to fight for their rights, nor can you understand what black people went thru breaking the chains of slavery. Your chains are self imposed. And yes, you cannot pick the Bible apart, therfore you know your choice is a sin, if you truly had the Holy Spirit indwelled in you, He would be directing you away from your worldly sinful choice.

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Aleana Robins
Aleana RobinsDianne L(beep) oh I am sorry you misunderstood my replies. At no time have I ever said I am a victim or Ill. In fact what you see as an illness I see as a blessing. Everyday I thank God for who I am. I Find peace where many find conflict. I am concerned that you feel it was a battle for woman suffrage and not for the rights of others. Is it not the right of every person not only to vote but to live without being marginalized, this is not a victim stand it is simply a fact. Every person no matter who they are, no matter how they identify as have the right live life to its fullest. I have studied the Bible Old and New Testament, the Book of Mormon, Koran (small parts) and a few other religious texts, one cannot truly understand God in any form without knowing that he above all told us that we must love, he also showed that by the many examples of his prophets from Moses to Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha to those who profess love for all. If you have missed that point in the bible’s and other texts then you have missed the core Value. Yes I even know that he is also a Jealous God as well. I know more than most Blacks who have rights above what my Ancestors did for your information while I live in Australia I am part of the Native American Tribe called the Cherokee. So I do know what it is like to fight for my rights. I am also a survivor of Domestic Abuse so I know what it is like to be a victim. But I am not a Victim make no assumptions on that. I am a SURVIVOR. I do know what it is like to be the major support for my children they too are Survivors. My replies to you have been in love nothing more, yet you have stood at every turn calling out names and accusations without evidence without understanding. There are very few people in the Trans community who wish to thrust down your throat anything. There are many in the Trans Community and supporters (including some churches, Presidents, Popes) who demand the rights that you have to live without being harassed for us. Now I say this out of love for you, no anger, no hate just simple love. If you would take the time and read my blog you might understand more than you currently do. The Arguments of Science are being proven that there is a lot we don’t understand about Gender and Sexuality. If you “believe” in God and go to church you might want to review how you leaders feel about Trans persons. (unless your part of the Westro’s Baptist Church) you might be shocked at what they feel God says about Trans persons. It should also be said without Truly know your God you should be careful to speak on his behalf. Even I with my vast understanding of the texts am not willing to do. I wish you well and I hope you have a wonderful day.
Dianne, this part is here only in my blog if you take the time and read. I have learned of many many years of studying that I see no color of skin that matters less, I see no gender that matters less than another as well. I stood by my best friend (ex-to-be) as we lost who she was to a horrific illness. I stood by as we were abused, I forgave and still forgive what we went through. I stood by my youngest daughter when she was sexually assaulted I gave my chest for her to cry upon as well as her mother tried. I continued championed my children when their mother stopped. I fight every day the courts to protect them, cause in many ways the court still have a hard time seeing that men can be abused as well as women. So to do Trans people, abuse is horrific no matter what form it takes. If you have ever walked a mile in my shoes then you might not be sitting where you are thinking like you do.
I read a quote a long time ago that challenged my shelf of beliefs. I would like to share it with you and then add a small twist to it at the end “God is as God does, man aspires to be God” (what God you might make Good or Evil depends upon your actions). Think about the quote cause I am not saying we are going to be a God I am saying by trying to live like him we aspire to be like him. My add-on is that they way we live when we look at God will decide Good or Evil.
I don’t wish to be god nor do I speak for him I think he has many that have tried to in the past. Dianne I really do wish you well. I hope that you enjoy the rights that you so commonly take for granted. Some day you might have to fight for them as well. As it was once said BE kind on the way up the ladder, cause you might meet the others you have passed on the way down.
Find peace and have a great day……Ally
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