Odds are

Odds are, So today I was thinking over what I said in the last two posts. Something hit me as I was waiting for the children to get out of their classes at school. I was watching Mum’s and Dad’s picking their children up. This cute little girl was running around happy to be alive. Then it hit me look at these wonderful families and there children. The odds are in their favor that non of them will have a child just like me. Considering that the odds are at extremely rare at a HUGE 0.03% holy shit we can’t even get a 1% and states are making laws about us HA ha ha. Why is that funny look at climate change proof is higher than that and we can’t get these morons to make laws about that.

I watched and thought wow how lucky I am to be me. I know in the past I have cursed this body that I was born with due to all the struggles. Maybe I need to change the way I look at my body and soul in a different light. I am an amazing 0.03% of the people born. I had a 91% change of being Right handed. I was born in the US odds for that are 4.5%.

Lets have some fun


And I am 99.97% less than that. Wow it was crazy think this stuff. I was really blown away when I found the number of people born just like me, mind you I have read the highest odds are at 5%. But still lets look at this whole odds thing in a bit more of a different light. in our life time it is safe to say we will meet apx. 80,000 people over our 80 Years.

Are you ready to be blown away…….This if my math is right you have reached an amazing set of odds. Cause the chance of meeting me are 0.00003% now I am not going to do the math for you it hurt my head as well and I am thinking I could be wrong, lol. That is an amazing number.


Even More AMAZING,


Welcome to my friendship circle. I hope you have had a wonderful day. I know I have!

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