I love St Finn Barrs!

What….did you just read that? Yup you did it is such a great community. So many nice and wonderful people. I am shocking with names I always have been. I count my lucky stars that I have. Not once has my children been faced with even the slightest bit of bigotry. I have been met with respect at every turn by parents left right and center. Even if they did not like me I have not seen it from anyone. Yes, I know I break the norms but each and every parent there is breaking the norms by just being good people.

To be honest I was not sure if St. Finn Barr was the right place for the children and had I known that the staff at this school were so clued in my kids would have been here from the start.

Today, I was approached by a mum and we had this wonderful chat. I think I shocked her a bit I can be a bit of a chatterbox these days. But it was so wonderful to have a chat with another parent that is there. I am really amazed my these wonderful people. One mum tells me how to find a good way to keep the shine on my car, Another knows we do a bread run and lets me know where I can get more bread, another mum tells me how to help me cut out sugar from my diet (still a struggle) then I talked to her about cutting out caffeine, she took my advice and is giving it a go, and this list just keeps going. I look and think to myself how lucky and blessed I am. These people really are wonderful.

I look at bathroom laws, then look at others who are closed minded and then I come back to this……I feel so deeply sorry for those like me who do not have this blessing in their lives. Cause this acceptance is wonderful and shows to me Launceston is an wonderful place.

So if anyone who knows me and reads this, Thank each and every one of you. I mean that my life was not this great a year ago. I have such blessings and I hope others can be this blessed. Thank you Lucy (I remembered) you made this day!

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  1. Hi Aleana, this opportunity came through my work email and I thought of you. Perhaps you would be interested.


    Are you a leader in your community (or want to be one)?
    Do you want to explore & celebrate the complexity in sexuality & gender?
    Would you like to develop your leadership skills with other LGBTIQ people?

    20-22ND MAY 2016
    A weekend of support, stories, fun, creativity, learning and safe sharing.
    At beautiful Parakaleo Retreat near Sheffield in North West Tasmania
    Arrive: 3.00pm onwards Friday 20th for 6.30pm meal
    Depart: 3.00pm – 4.00pm Sunday 22nd
    *This is an over 18yo event but if you are an aspiring leader 16-18yo and are keen to attend please contact Sharon.

    Join Daniel Witthaus (Pride & Prejudice, NICHE Australia) and Sharon Jones (Connect4Life) for a 3-day LGBTIQA Leadership Retreat. Participants will draw on their own experiences and learn from other lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer and (LGBTIQ) people to improve their ability to be a local leader and make a difference in their own communities. The focus will be on personal stories, overcoming resistance and taking action in their communities. Whether you are completely new or have been a leader for decades, we look forward to hearing your stories, learning what works and discovering what’s important for your community.

    Daniel Witthaus Founder and CEO, NICHE Australia, an LGBTI charity that partners rural communities; 20 years of working in schools and rural communities; educator (Pride & Prejudice), author (Beyond ‘That’s So Gay’, Beyond Priscilla), cuppa expert and bear hugger.

     20th – 22nd May LGBTI Leadership Retreat (sponsorship available) Negotiable
     20th – 22nd May LGBTI Leadership Retreat $50
     20th – 22nd May LGBTI Leadership Retreat (low income / students) $30

    Lack of income is not a barrier to attendance

    Save the date and registrations will be out next week. Please forward to your networks and friends.

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