Why would you share this with me?

Why would you share this with me? Why would you as a friend who I have known since I was 16 feel this way. Do you really think that low of me? Do you really think I am not trust worthy to be using a toilet next to your child or grandchild. Do you not remember the past when you had my back and I had yours. When my mum passed away and I called you as soon as I knew. Before she passed I gave you heads up so you could go say goodbye as well. Please think of my feelings before posting such hate, thanks ahead of time.

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Enough said.

Carl North
Carl (Beep) Latrines in combat zones were gender neutral.

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Robyn Johnson
Robyn (Beep) Best one so far.

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Aleana Robins
Aleana RobinsI am going to throw out some shocking numbers for you to think on as this stupid bathroom issue takes over the United States. The chance of being born as a Transgender is 0.03% the chance of meeting one is 0.00003% (meeting does not mean seeing them on tv). Out of 318.9 million people there are only about 96,000 trans persons living in the US ranging in age from 0-??. That also does not mean that they are out of the closet so to speak. There has never been a Transgender sex crime in a restroom though from 1998 to current there have been 3 federal Republican legislators convicted of Sex crimes in the bathrooms, in 2009 Dennis Hastert (R-IL) was charged with trying to coverup a sex crime with a student (age and Name not released due to being a MINOR). Really think about the last time someone took a look at you in the bathroom and thought….. Or when was the last time you were in a bathroom and thought……… If I am in a stall the last thing I am thinking of is sex. I am more concerned about it being clean, eww. But hey when was the last time I committed a crime? When was the last time you saw someone being treated as a Black person in the south in the early 1900’s? So with those said who is safer, a Law maker or a Transperson odds are in favor of the Trans community hell at 0.00003% you might never know…..Whoops to late surprise i’m a 0.03% person and my police record is 100% clean. Did you know in the year 2014 shemale porn was one of the highest searches done on the internet in fact pornhub had a 191% increase form 2013. The best thing you could hope for from a Transwoman in the bathroom is a bit of fashion advice. Cause no one wants to see the Muffin top or the crack of your ass cause you have eat one to many times at Macca’s (MacDonalds)
Now mate I know we have been friends for years one could even call it a life time. But as a friend none of my other friends have ever shared this kind of junk. Please think twice before sharing it again and if you noticed I (Beeped) out all the last names and links to their Facebook, cause I am your mate.
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