Enjoying lIfe

I was talking to my dad and trying to convince him to sell everything and do his Bucket list, it did not work. I got rid of my list a few months ago as so much on it has changed dreams I once had shared with the Ex-to-be no longer matter at all. Dreams I had as a child seem simple. I reached a point in my life and in the Transition where everything is changing. New and old friends that are casting new lights on being happy and living a bit more stop worrying about stuff I can’t change.

I have spent tonight talking with a friend about music and life. It is something I have missed so much. There was a time…..wait holy shit I have never been talking with a person about just music.

Well it is so nice to relax about life and just focus about my life and my children. I have had a great day the Washing machine died one of my good friends found me a great deal so new machine on Wednesday. There goes the savings for the week. Niamh was begging me for money today for the mothers day shop the school is having. I just can’t do it, I have not missed them in the past but bills come first.

I was talking with my friend last night and I smiled from ear to ear. I have not had the pleasure of so many smiles in a long time, then those that I have had over these few months with all my friends and children. I think the children have been enjoying the relaxed side as well. This whole year for all of us has been wonderful. Gabriel has had a few lessons to be learned the hard way. But in time I think he will be fine.


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