Making choices

I blew my top last night to a few close friends cause I am not understanding the issues where a once semi- attention paying parent refuses to pay attention to a child’s pleas. Even when we are in a divorce you think most parents would step up their game to prove to the court they are doing their best. All I can say is WTF.

So due to another child being very upset over mum refusing to do something at the school with her and her brothers. I canceled what I was planning to go in proxy of my ex-to-be on a mothers day event that was being held to support the bond that mothers work so hard to maintain. I had plans and dropped them at the drop of a hat for my children. Even though I am not Mum. I do not pretend to be on any level, I played a roll for many years as dad and that was my part in bring in these wonderful children in to the world.

I even found money that Niamh was wanting to buy a Mums present for her mum…..I was wrong in my thinking.

Rant over……………………………

On a good news level I have been teaching Niamh Exact English Sign Language. I have this wonderful friend who is hearing impaired and it has required me to go back to the books. There is a very fun fact about learning to sign was when my son in the US his mum and I were dating we both were going to the Sign Class and this was something we did together. It added something so very special to us. I have such great and wonderful memories with her learning sign. SO here I am going back to the books and refreshing my skills as not using it for close to 20 years you get very dull and I am finding that I need big time help understanding Auslan. I think once I am around it more and more I will pick it up. I love havi9ng friends who cause me to challenge my skills and life style. I could not be more happy with all my friends. I met this new friend  about a month ago and I have learned a lot about this person and I must say what a pleasure to call him a friend. Yup there I did it I made a statement that will have two new friends thinking is she talking about me? Guess what I did that on purpose I want you to think about what your friendship means to me. If you think I am talking about you than I am and know I consider our friendship a blessing.

I have been trying to change the negativity that has been so present in my life over these last few years. One of my New Years goals was to become more positive about life. Another was to let my current friends know that I love them all. I have been also trying to find a way tyo show it so what I have been doing is trying to lift where I stand by leaving kind messages here and there for all of them when they least expect it. What better way to make someones day. As I say you never know what goes on behind closed doors.

Hey have a great day, be kind

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