I am so bad sometimes

On Saturday night I was really naughty. Now let me put this into context there is something that you need to understand. That when a relationship ends there is always someone who is hurt, period. That person 9 times out of 10, wants the person who is not hurting to hurt as bad as they do. OK I hope you are following me. Now this has happened a few time now that I have been getting on with my life. I have taken the stand point that until I am ready and the children are ready I am not going to be looking for a new “Love” many of these reasons are listed through out my blog. But the biggest and most important is the children. Children deal with relationships that fall apart different and a lot of the times they are not able to deal with it for a long time.

Well I was having fun last going to hang out with some amazing women and have a great time. On my way to the location of my friend who was holding this little get together. I was drive with my hands free going and talking to the children and the SatNav was telling me how to get to where I was going. I refuse to lie to my children. So I said I was going to this persons house for some fun. A few fun yet subtle hints in the way I was talking could leave an adult to think that something else was going. This was done for a reason the other adult that likes to snoop and say things to the children was listening and talking to the children as I was having my time. Pulling them away to say things to them.

Sunday when I picked up the children the first thing they asked was how was my date. SO after talking to them about the event I went to and how my friend has a lovely husband and I would never do anything like that to another person relationship no matter what. We also talked about how I feel about placing them, as number one until they are feeling secure and ready for me to date. we then talked about having friends does not mean “dating” and sometimes friends just want to hang out.

Though to be honest last night was so much fun. It has been a long time since I was able to sign and to use the skills that I once had. Being in a conversation with two lovely women who sign and are teaching me at the same time as we are building a great friendship just put last night on my bucket list as being done (getting back to using sign language). I never thought I could have been so lucky as to have had an good time as last night even when my wonderful friend who was starting to get a bit tipsy at the time grabbed me and then did my hair and makeup. I might have seemed like I was out of my element it was cause I had read a joke a few months ago about not letting certain types of people do your makeup, I did not want to look like a drag queen at the end of the night and after all of it. My friend did an amazing job of it I could not tell she had drank as much as she did. Though I wound never let her get behind the wheel at the level she was.

The other ladies were so captivating in the stories of their lives I could sit and listen forever. Okay I admit I am a people watcher, I love to see and listen to all the stories. Some happy and some so sad that it breaks your heart. But each one of these Beautiful women and how strong all of them are, then there is me the blog says it all…….

Well I am going to end this post, I wish you all a wonderful night and happiness to fill your soul.


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