Yup I opened my mouth once more, lol

On the radio today I gave my opinion after the Martine Delaney conversation on the radiomouth this morning. If you don’t know what has been going on I will give you this link to help you out.


Now I have always disagreed with what she was trying to do. I felt that the Catholic Church had a right to create that book cause it was their opinion. We are free to give that here in Australia.

In the past I have talked with Tasmania Talks on the issue say that I disagree with Martine as I did not find it offensive at all. As you read the above story from the link you can see that she has dropped her case. Though I don’t think she has really took a look at what steps the Catholic Church has done in the last year with Trans issues. I have children in the CES (Catholic Educational System) and they had done some amazing growth in regards to Trans issues.

We had a problem with the word that was being used by another child “Shemale” I raised a big flag on it cause this is not a word that is used in general conversations about or with Trans community. It raised flags that this child might have seen some Porn as that is where this words is mainly used. It was brought up to help educate and to allow the school to talk to the parents and alert them of the possible issues that might be happening (Internet Porn). The  School went above what I though they would do and had a talk with the class about proper etiquette and some words are not advised. WE  had a minor issue on mothers day and how to address that issue.

So I called and voiced my Praise of the CES, they are one of the biggest public faces of the Catholic Church and being the the book was sent out to parents of the CES. While you might say these steps are to small I would once again say you are more than wrong as even little children learn to walk with small steps. So to the CES Great Job. To Martine I am sorry but I firmly disagree with what you said. You don’t have any horses in this race and you can only see from the sidelines. My children and I are being treated with the amazing amount of support.

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