Hate Bill 2…..(Fallout)

While I don’t think I need to go into this to deep I am placing a few videos on what is going on.

The reply to North Carolina from the US department of just is huge. I am saying watch this space we might be in for a shock. Cause what it is going to do is in one way or another create a standard that all other issues will be judged off of. In the end you will see something like Rowe vs wade ruling but in the realm of Gender Identity. Just as with abortion there will be those that oppose it on every level. Take the time and watch both. But I advise not to get your hopes up to high and don’t think this is going to be a win win for the Trans community. Far from it I think we are going to see a very slow crawl. Something will be done but we as a community might not like it. Also it might be the rock in the pond of the world. What happens when the US sneezes the world catches a cold.

As you took the time I hoped and started to understand. Please don’t get to disheartened. keep the faith so to speak.

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