Wow 6098

I am still writing my about me. I did not think it would get this big. I still have not finished. I think in a way it is my story. I am not sure if anyone will find something in it or just say “wow your still alive?” I wonder what it will look like when it is all done. At 6098 words you look and go crap that story is depressing. Though here I am strong and proud, alive and kicking. I know that as the story goes on it will double in size cause I am still nutting out the outline of it all. I want to tell it all but I am not to sure if it is wise to do so as others might be completely shocked (not that most are not shocked already).
With my mum who is passed away I feel a bit of freedom in the fact that I can write stuff down without the worry that she might read it or other judging her to her face. It is strange when you have the freedom.

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