Well I admit it I like to put myself out there

I love to watch YouTube a bit guilty pleasure I guess. I like to watch The Young Turks news. Yes I know it is US based but it is a link to my past that I am not ready to give up. So there I was on YouTube and I saw a link to another video about Trans-bathroom issues in the US so I clicked on it and much to my surprise it was a YouTube pastor. SO I listened as I am not one to make rash judgement and I don’t mind listening at times. So she went on and on about the evils of what is going on and about the evil Transpeople going to the bathroom in public so I went and replied, I know what you are thinking. Why did you waste your time. I don’t think i did waste my time nor do I feel like a crusader for Trans issues but some of the things she was spreading were uneducated. So I gave it a chance to see if I could enlighten a bit. Who knows…. So this is what I wrote….

“Wow, well first I would like to say I respect your opinion on the matters of Transgender issues. Saying that, I feel the way you are demonizing all Transgender persons is factually inept. In all all 50 states & in every countries of the UK there has never been one single reported attack by a transgender person. This fact is widely supported by evidence through all law enforcement agencies. Now lets turn the table a bit since 1998 to current there have been 5 US Republican Senators who have been charged with Bathroom misconduct. Even one of them was Charged with interfering with the instigation (the name of the minor girl was withheld to protect the child). Now knowing that the Average of Transperson’s in the US is 0.03% thus making the odds of ever meeting one in personal contact at 0.00003% chance. Who is safer to be in the bathroom with? In your Video you made a point of talking about Babies being changed. The chance at some time a person has ever changed a child diaper or nappy very high. So out of the 0.03% it is safe to assume that Transpeople have changed babies before. What have been the numbers of Transperson’s who have been sexual predators 0% reported. Most sexual predators are heterosexual males meaning that even your husband could be one and you might never even know until it is to late. I also find your issue with Transmen to be extremely incorrect. Most Transmen do not stand to use the urinal and if they did your sons would never know as the device that can be used by any woman is not very comfortable. Now we have not even touched on the issues of the Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT for future). So let talk about that really quick The HRT program has been around for many and I do mean many years. There are two core elements to the HRT program for Transwomen. One is called a Testosterone Blocker, this comes in a few different strengths but most act like a Chemical Castration resulting in most Transwomen becoming Asexual or in layman’s terms not sexually aroused. This is also part of the Prostate Cancer tools that are used and most men while under this program to fight their cancel. This is also why most men on this treatment program for this type of cancer have performance issues. The second part of the HRT for Transwomen is the Estrogen that is now added into the body that no longer has Testosterone. Thus as a woman you would know this would have an effect of a person becoming more of an emotionally connected person. Now lets make this personal knowing that the odds are not in your favor of ever meeting a Transperson in real life. Let me properly introduce myself. I am a parent of 6 children 3 grown and 3 still very young at home. One of my children was sexually assaulted when she was less than one month into her 6th year. This assault took place by a Heterosexual male while my children were on a play date with the other children at their home. The Family was well known to our family, we never knew what hit us. Now two years latter my partner (married to me) became violent and we the 3 children and I fled our home. For over a year now we have been going through hell. My partner is a Genetic Female (cisgendered), I am a transwoman. I have been raising my children in full view of everyone for years. I am an upstanding member of my community. My children attend a Catholic school and we are fully supported. I am also a carer for people with disabilities. I became trained in this role as to support my partner who had an Acquired Brain Injury. My children and I do a weekly bread run to help those who are not as lucky as we are. I would like to welcome you to get to know me before you Judge me to which even God has said you should not do. Have a look at my blog give it a read learn about me before you judge me. If you have questions please ask me, I answer all of my readers no matter who they are and I judge not. But I do not suffer fools or people who are filled with hate and are not willing to learn to understand. I look forward to meeting you. www.aleanasjourney.com God makes no mistakes and I am not a mistake. Who am I to question what I know in my heart and through prayer is me…..”

Now I know it was a bit of a read and my numbers on the Senators is low but even at 5 it is shocking.

If you stand for nothing you will fall for everything.


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