The weekend update

Well hello Campers,

So here it has been one busy and fun weekend. Minor issues with ex-to-be but this time I did not get upset I just gave it over to the Attorney and said enough is enough. I don’t foresee the future being easy or “Normal” so I am going to have just say “Fuck it” when it comes to that persons actions.

So Saturday rolled around met up with a few friends at the Board Mills Market. Then came home to have the Monthly D&D session with my Tried, True and Tested friends. We had an absolute blast acting like kids again. Yes I am a nerd at heart and even more so I am the DM lol. Well in talking with a few friends over a few hours of having fun who can beat that?

Sunday rolls around and Clean house, do a bit of paperwork, spend some time talking with friends, and went and picked up the kids. Home have dinner and relax watching a movie with them. What could be better.

Well I am going to keep it short I have a little boy who is not feeling well. I need to keep an eye on him.

Be kind to one another.

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