Well history repeats

It feels like it was only yesterday that the ex-to-be and I were sitting in the Princess Theater watching Jasmine doing something just like I am doing today. So proud of all the schools, though in my heart ours was the best. I did get a bit of a chill when enter sandman was used in pose form the kids did a great job at it. I think with so much Australian talent they rules should have made use of that. Some of the little ones had their wiggle pants on.
It was good to see the ex-to-be there. When she told Niamh saying she was going to be there I was worried that we were facing a story. Thankfully this was not the case.
So there you have it years roll on and very few things change. It was so cool to have the kids in the competitions that are positive.

There will be another post laster tonight…….

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