Product testing

Well it is here the product I am going to review.


(skinny bitch in the photo)

I have spent the afternoon talking about the questions that i have due to hype both in positive reviews as well as the negative ones.

So a few tips starting the review.
Be ready with the cling wrap. Going to look at how to cut the wrap without losing the mixture that is on it. Do not like the green wrap . Smells nice it does not have an adhesive back to it. You will need the cling wrap and a grubby t shirt.

Now I’ve done my measurements, please don’t judge me.
Belly 130cm
Chin 67cm
Under bust 115cm
Over bust 119cm
Bust 129cm
Neck 45cm

Now some of the reviews I have seen call into question the photos that were used. So in my attempt I have tried to lay out a measurement based photo. No I did not do a side on the front photo was bad enough. The face photo I hated big time. Yup I hate photos.

Problems so far:

What do you do after the wrap? How long do you leave it on your skin before a shower?

When cutting the wrap since it does not have a backing what is advised to keep it fresh?

Here is the gods awful photos (insert puking sound here) To be honest I was showing off the worst part I have going on right now and I do know this will not fix it all. But we will see what it can do. I am so close to vomiting right now……….wp-1463647403317.jpg


wp-1463647431616.jpgI have done the belly wrap. and in a little bit will do the chin wrap after a bit of better planning.


BTW you were warned on FB that this one was scary….

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