Face Wrap

So here you go Denise your bedtime story, lol. Well last night I was looking at the photos taken and chose to do the fact wrap at the same time as the belly wrap. There is something else that is a trick at the end of the post I will tell you. So I cut a belly wrap as instructed below. One of the key tricks I used was a used belly wrap to mirror the wrap before cutting it. Then I took cling wrap and rolled the other pieces up to keep them fresh. *advice for Transwomen do not use these on your breast while going through transition cause they might cause reduction in the growth that you might be wanting.

how to cut

Well as I said I did my face and found out that using the cling wrap is best for holding it in place. *Trick wrap you head before placing wrap piece in place, this will help ease of placement.

imageI was not happy with the way I looked in this photo.



Well I am happy with the look 16 hours later. Yes there is some makeup and contouring as well. Though saying that as I did my makeup I could tell that there was a large difference in the skin. the sagging chin was tightened up. At this point I am very happy with just the face part.


As I said there is a trick I learned that was not talked about by all the information that I had read and seen. Plus I did not hear it as a suggestion from seller. When I took off the wrap there was still some of the mixture on the plastic so I just rubbed it into my forehead. WOW in minutes I could tell something was going on with my facial skin. Tingling on the body wrap was minor, but WOW on the face it was amazing. When I woke this morning my skin felt tighter almost like using a facial mask. The next thing is to leave it on all night. I did not notice a huge change in the belly. *Warning* I woke up today feeling a bit like I had just done a detox. It was a bit draining and took me a bit to get going. Right now 24hrs have passed face is still tight and so soft.


Well this is my update from the masks. I’ll let you know more on Saturday.

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