Weekend comes to an end

One more step forward to being healed happened and I don’t care what she has to say. Yeah baby! I have been having issues with Facebook flashback. What I mean they have started doing this “Hey Ally, 1 year ago…….” and like a dumb ass I read it and then boom the good old memories start and woo hoo I am back where I was when I wrote it. Yup glad I don’t have war or drug flash backs cause these are messed up enough.

Well the ex will find out soon enough I got a new toy. This might boil her blood he he he. It’s Blue, I love the color of blue and I have never had that color. Wee!

Sometimes it is nice to say (BEEP)

Oh my gosh my boobs hate me right now Niamh elbowed me today. I about fell over in tears. I was able to remain calm. Oh pain that we are warned about but really are not ready for it at all. Tears did fall…..

We had a great weekend we were able to go on a play date with Niamh’s friend Chloe. What a nice family and so kind and down to earth. SO for a BUSY weekend being that it was a student free day and so we had three days, I so loved it.

This past week I had to put my foot down as I have been questioning that ex-to-be is wanting to take the kids back top our Lady of Mercy for school. I though it was just a story from Gabriel sometimes he has been doing those. So I took it with a grain of sand. Well this changed when on this week she said to out Daughter that she will be changing them back to Deloraine. Well I told the children no matter what I am not going to let that happen they have been building good friends and we are working so hard in school for the courts to do that it would not be in their best interest.

I have spent the weekend cleaning and cooking rinse and repeat……

I have also been cleaning out the boxes of crap that I have collected over so many years. I have also been looking at it is the way that if I have not used it in years I am not going to be doing so anything soon and I need to stop looking at the stuff thinking I get to that. I had these real leather Saddle bags that I gave to a good friend who I know will make a new story for them. They have had such a life already.

I’m not one for putting stickers on cars. I find most of the ones are so tacky and have no real point. I had a laugh one time there was this person who though it would be cool to place a Harley-Davidson sticker on a Nissan car. It was so out of place…. Even those stickers that say funny crap like “honk if your horny” like anyone is ever going to do that. But I support my children’s school 100% so I put one on my car cause I am proud of my children. I love what the Sea Sheppard is doing since our governments are to scared to do something, so I put there sticker on my car cause I donated to the cause. But like all sticker owners when they fade take them off.

Well that is the weekend update…..

Wait not it is not Tonight I am putting the second face wrap on….. No photos this time cause I want a shocker when it is all done.

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