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Why should you care? Well it is said that if the US sneezes the world catches a cold.


“Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.”
― Edmund Burke

There is a few things going on in the US that people should be well aware of and mindful; of the possible impact. While you might say but we don’t live there, these issues don’t impact us. Well to a point this is true, but and this is a big BUT.

First at the current rate of actions the US is losing its title of Democracy. This can be seen in a few events that have taken place and might take place in a couple of months from now. What I am talking about is when George W. Bush Jr. ran for office as the President of the United States vs. Al Gore. What happened was the blur between the line of two branches of government the Legislative and the Executive. What happened was George Bush used the Legislative to decide who was the president of the US. When that was done the vote of the people for the people mattered nothing in fact you could have stayed home.

Okay so now you are saying that was then this is now. Well, I am going to tell you to have a long hard look at what is going on the the Democratic Race Hillary vs. Sanders whoever wins this will be going against Trump in the election in November. Right now There are several underhanded and dirty tactics that are being used to give Hillary a lead over Sanders. These two people running from state to state to have a vote off to see who is going to be going up against Trump. Now while this may seem like nothing it is even bigger of a problem than what ol’ Georgey  Boy did to Al (I invented the Internet) Gore.

If the Democrats cannot run a fair election at this level how can they be trusted in a general election. So lets say Hillary becomes the next president of the US. The debate of the living wage that is going on in the US will mean nothing. The wars will continue and the corruption will not stop. Big banks and Big companies will still make the choices that they have been doing all along and the little man will struggle and eventually fail cause the deck is stacked against them.

Okay so how does that impact Australia. Very well the US and Australia are very closely tired. If fact it could be said that in someways we are in the back pocket of the US. With the US falling to the big banks and big companies Australia is starting down that same path. It is so very scary. Where did Holden go? Where did Ford go? where are all these companies going? With the New trade agreements Australia is losing it grip of Manufacturing all together jobs are drying up faster than they are being made. Lets look at elections here in Australia we now are getting to a point where are picking the lesser of two evils.  The Medicare system is being dismantled bit by bit. Drug prices are rising fast. Going to the Doctor is going to cost more and more. The health of the people are going to start to decline bit by bit. Education is also being attacked prices are going through the roof. What happens when being educated is no longer a right but a privilege that not many will not afford.

Look at the whole stupid nightmare of the Bathroom laws in the US. Until this year Trans people have gone to the bathroom where they needed to. No one worried about us. We were hidden and we caused no problems. Laws are now being created for nothing more than a few religious nutters who are trying to say that they have to be. What is going on here is the removal of the line of separation of state and religion. Each being single and not meant to join together. We are even seeing this event happening in Australia with Gay marriage. The religious right are pushing agendas while claiming that such things like Safe Schools is harming children. When in fact while it is not prefect it is after all trying to save lives. Then I hear over and over again that there is a Gay agenda. I remember growing up hearing about “The Black Agenda”. FFS I love how white privileged bitches when others want the same damn rights as they have.

40% that is a huge amount of Suicides in the US for one group of people. Funny in Australia  we have a lower percentage cause of the inclusion of people. Yet ever since I have been in Australia I have heard “your an American” followed by a deep sigh. Then after getting to know me I hear “oh wow your the first American I did not want to strangle”. We end up having a talk about why. It is sad to say that over the last few years we have seen an increase in some of the actions of the US trickling down to Australia. I hope we don’t follow that slippery path that they are going down.

Well there is a long post hope you had a thought about what I said. I hope that in someways what I am saying is stirred up some anger. Cause anger makes action and actions yield results. Have a look at Bernie Sanders given him some support if you feel like it. He is running his campaign thanks to the people giving him $27 (US) dollars on average. I think he would make a great President and something that is not the same ol’ same ol’. If we support him it might trickle down to Australia and a few of the changes in the US might help us out here, leading by example.

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