Okay yes I am Trans…..

Okay I am Trans I am happy with who I am now it has taken a long time to get here but I am.

I think sometimes people need to know that we are just as normal as other people are. I am going to put up a few messages that I have received. To me I was in complete shock……..

hhmmmm, if your still attracted to women then you should be a bisexual, do you still have a dick? I am very much attracted to a trans, I like the way they look, Even if we can’t date each other I would like for you to be my soulmate, I am interested in you, and I feel we can get along so easily, each time you write to me I feel that vibe and chemistry, sincerely I would want you to be my woman, No jokes, you are the iideal person I can get along with I like everything about you naturally.

MAY 6TH, 12:26PM

First I would like to say Thank you for being so kind and nice. Though when it comes to “Being” with someone. I think I am a bit old fashioned I want the courtship, I want to be treated like the Diamond I am. While I understand that there are a lot of Transwomen out there who don’t think they are worth that level of happiness. So they take the short cut to have someone accept them instead of respecting them. I am not built that way, I know my worth as a person. I know what the feeling of true love is and i demand that with the person who wants to share the children and my future.

MAY 14TH, 1:46PM

Hi Aleana, Good day to you, I am here for a serious relationship and find true love, I am ready to find a sincere woman interested in a romantic relationship, that would be my soul mate. I assume you are in search of something serious. Like I told you before I need a woman that is bold and courageous, I’m not really after beauty but someone with a good heart that is humble, faithful and sincere, but actually you look much younger than your age and your photo is good, although I have not dated anyone from your area before, but I’m open to new things and I’ll try, all we need is tolerance and understanding to build a good relationship . We can talk more often and learn more about us, but you are always free to share your life experiences. I want to find my soul mate, someone I can treat like a diamond, hope you are romantic and we can be more than friends, I want us to communicate more, What do you like in a man?
(Face Palm)
Now, lets take a look at what was said on a few levels. I respect everyone and the way they act and feel in this life it is not for me to judge. Saying that at times I don’t want to feel like an object or a sexual fetish. I started seeing how women feel when men act like they are gods gift to the world.
I think that people who are Cis-gendered need to know that just as Cis-gendered people we also have many different life styles. As for me I am the homebody not high fashion but not a slouch as well. I love the feel of nice clothes and shoes. I like the though of dating and getting to know someone as to jumping in to bed with them just after we have met. I find it hard to think like that. I mean I can count my sexual relationships on one hand and all of them have been special in one way or another. Here I am at 46 single wanting a relationship but at the same time not. I love the freedom of not having someone ask me if I still have my dick…..Wow that was way to much to ask. At what point even if I was a man could I handle a person being so upfront with a question like that. Freaks me out on so many levels.
I know people who I used to be with who now hop in to bed with others at the drop of a hat cause they are not secure with who they are at older ages. I ways that scares me as well, losing who you are because you don’t know who you are is so…….empty. Almost devoid of what makes me, me. I want someone in my life who is able to know me for an extended period of time before questions about sex or what is between your legs pop up.
I am finding that I am becoming more and more reserved as being a woman rather than a man that I was trying to be. I dress modestly, hell I even act modestly now. Where did the rebel without a clue go?
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