Well I’m back in the Saddle again

Well I am doing something I love Project Management. Yup[ I have taken on a client who needed some help. So much work to do. Well as I was busy working the first day I got to see the huge task that was ahead of me and what we had to get done. SO exciting really I live for this stuff. This time I made a promise not to be to blunt. Last time I fixed a project I called the CEO and idiot point blank to his face, not once, not twice, but three times. Needless to say after my rescue was done I was not offered a position.
Yup I have learned that not everyone can handle my being bluntly honest even when they are in the wrong. I still hold fast that he was. All I could see was every time he talked in this meeting with about 15 others was dollar signs pouring out of his mouth. SO even to this day what was a noble idea to fix the issue in the state I am in costs WAY to much cause of this Idiot.
Lucky for me this new project is not filled with Idiots. It is a well thought out idea that has been in need of a bit of help. I love this kind of stuff.

While I was helping out I received a call and invited into an Interview. Ooooo I am so excited about this. I am not going to tell what it is until I have it. I so want this role and they know all about me being trans and all the issues I have with being a single parent. Though a Job I love the idea. This helping out with the project management role was to get me in the mind set of working once more.

I so love the path I am going down right now. Lets hope that it continues. Thank you God

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