It’s my life

Sometimes, Somewhere you do something that matters more to someone else than it did to you. I have been given the biggest blessing I could have ever been given other than my child and friends. I started doing service for my fellow man. I started doing a bread run that has now grown beyond even my wildest dreams. About two weeks ago I was allowed to start a bigger bread run on my own on Friday nights. I then set up a network of people who then fan it our to those who are in need.

To be honest I started doing it cause at the time my life was Fing crap the only thing I can say that was going right was my children were home. 2/3 weekends they are now with their mum for a visit. So I was left feeling empty and feeling like I was missing a key point in my life. In fact I was I was missing Love. So when I started to do the small Bread run I needed the love in my life. I was not ready for how much it would have changed me. Simple bread, I say that with a smile on my face.

So I started thinking to myself how in the hell can I help someone else feel just as good as I do when I finish a bread run. So what I did was involve others in my run by making them the middle man so to speak so that they to could enjoy the Blessings that I have been enjoying. I am doing my pay it forward, I hope that those who are helping me are blessed just as richly as I am.

Please pay it forward……

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