Things no one tells you when you choose my path

Well this has been one hell of a day. Like many roller coasters it has been high and low. At times euphoric and other time I think I want to puke. I have been able to talk to friends and new people, I have had a new friend help me look at myself in a new light and try to help me feel better about myself.

Now don’t think that not feeling good about yourself is linked to suicide, it is not that simple. I look at who I am and what is going on with the ability to be true to myself. One of the many things they don’t talk about when you are looking at Transitioning is the loneliness that will come with it even if you have good friends you will at some point have to face this issue. At one point in our lives we have been able to find someone who accepted us for who we were. Now this changes you are not a man or a woman you are Trans.

I looked at it tonight and it is very scary view to see. let try to tell you what I am talking about. I have this wonderful friend he is very interesting and wonderful to be around. in fact I would say he is a head turner. Women tend to see him and say wow. But they are not able to meet his desires. Being a Transwoman that means you are not able to meet his desires as well.

I have this wonderful friend everything about her is Stunning and fun to be around even other women are able to see what an amazing person she is. But none of them meet her desire. Being a transwoman you able to meet her desire as well.

You can see this issue very clear. So someone points out well what about so in so, she is a…… We come to a whole new set of issues as not all Lesbians want to date or be with a Transwoman. Though saying that there might be someone somewhere who will fit all three areas. You just don’t know.

You just don’t see any videos on this fact that I am trying to point out. Nor has any one pointed out this issue.
Next thing to think to look at is that the way many in the Transwomen side are being viewed as a bit Militant on how we are seeing the world. I can understand that the problem of wanting to be in the correct body. You weren’t face the fact so you are Trans and there is nothing anyone can do for you. You need to make the best of what you have. As for me my best was accepting I am trans, I am not a Guy nor am I a Woman. So what do I do I am being who I am with what I have with medical assistance. BTW this comes from a close friend who gave me the biggest complement about the way I carry myself.  As this friend told me I was not the norm. It is a sad thing to hear cause I thought everyone or a good amount of other Trans were like me.

Please be kind….have a great day!



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