Reality check please

Okay it is not a big Secret, I am getting a divorce. Ta Da! While waiting at the bad of life I have found out that this so called leveled playing field is not all it appears to be. Certain players in the games of Divorce say they are looking out for the children’s best interest when at core they really have no clue, not one little bit.
I was stupified (yup I used that word and I meant to) that while in this game of Divorce people who think by getting one report means everything. I will give an example if you had to go to war (cause Divorce is like war it is HELL) you would never spend all you money in just one thing. Hmm Lets see what happens when all I buy is airplanes, so they took over my airfields, i am screwed. Much like a simple yet really not well informed idea that talking with Children for 15 minutes and then maybe 30 minutes with the adults is rock solid and concrete. Well once again we come back to Airfields…

My attorney asked me if I was was willing to go with a 7×7 split until the hearing in November. After reading what she sent I would have to have my head examined for being stupid like that. Cause today the school was closed down how would she collect them if it was her week???? I spent over 30 minutes in traffic to get to the children with only 10 on a bad day.

Where she is living and that she has no drivers license or car how would the kids get to her. She is 25 minutes away, then add the 30 minutes due to the traffic it makes not sense. Glad I declined.

I am going to stick with all the professionals that have seen and been around the kids for the whole time and the one who has known them for years. Sometimes in war when you have the high ground you stand and fight for what is best. SO here I stand with the children’s future. Now if the damn house would sell…….Grrrr.


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