Step by Step

I was working on what has been going on with my children going to Jujitsu. Thanks to my great friend Rowan who kept after me about putting the kids in the school. In four short weeks Niamh has taken a leaps from being I am to scared to touch the boys tro punching Rowan doing Take downs on the boys to just anything she is asked to do in class. I am so pleased.

I wrote this to a friend as I was blogging about the above…..”You never think about it when it is not you, But women worry about it. But until it is in your face…There is no way to explain what happens to a little child once that beautiful thing we call Innocence is gone. Niamh turn 6 and two weeks later her childhood ended.”

My little girl is going to be able to make sure no bastard ever touches her again. Cause if someone ever thinks about it I want my little angel to turn into that persons worst nightmare and rip that person apart and be able to drag him to the police.

Had I known that this was going to be the best thing for her I would have done it a year ago. The change is there the emotional struggle that she faced every day with seeing anyone that looked like the perp who did it to her is going. She will be ready and even Hell won’t be safe from her wrath if you try to hurt my little girl. I am so in awe of my three kids and what they are doing in Jujitsu. Just proud!

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