Hard to write

Funny, yet not so funny. As many know I am going through divorce and that I am currently the full time parent for my children. In the divorce the children in Australia have an Attorney to protect them as well.

Today we received a letter from him through my  Attorney. While this is not big deal it appears that life being Trans is going to be brought up in court in one fashion or another. as I was reading his letter a few things started to “Pop” out at me. So let me start off with this…..”I further understand that the father sees himself as “transitioning” In my limited
understanding, transitioning covers a broad range of options from manner of dress to taking hormones or electing to have sex reassignment surgeries.”

It was at the point of reading this that I was thinking WTF you are to be the Attorney for the children and you are not really sure of what is involved with a Transgender person. Fair enough not everyone knows everything, but if you want to defend the children and stand up for the children’s best interests then don’t you think a crash course might at least be in order? What is up with the use of the word “sees”. Yeah like going to years or getting my brain picked at is reduced to the level of a stupid and incomplete word of “sees”. Wow if it was only that simple. You would not say this person “sees” they are gay, lesbian, heterosexual, a builder, a doctor or even a Attorney.  Hello welcome to looking at something like what a person goes through is far more in depth than one simple word that is being used to Describe something about them.

Opps going on a rant

Then in this same letter he wants to meet with the children one at a time for 20-30 Minutes. Okay great I am fine with that (car screeching to a halt sound), Wait you seem to have forgotten that we have a little girl who two years ago was Sexually Assaulted, you want to be in a room with her alone for 20-30 minutes and she does not know you from Adam. Mate…… come on, think about what you are asking. There will be a female present in that room no if’s and’s or but’s, I am not going to put my little girl through something like that where she might not feel comfortable. How well do you know what is happened in our family? How can you think of the children’s best interests, when you don’t even know the history?

So I have informed my attorney that there are a few issues that should be looked at. before all of the children’s Attorney starts firing questions at them. Plus also taking into account the needs of our little girl.

SO there you have it my day was ruined by a single letter…… Wait no it was not.

I have said it before I love St. Finn Barrs school in Launceston. When my day was going to pot I got a call from the children’s Principal we talked a bit about the issue that the children’s Mum FINALLY got off her ass and contacted the school. Holy shit it only took 3 terms and 2 school holidays to do it? All she asked was are the children going to the school counselor and the Rainbow program. Well Principal , checked the phone number she was calling on and proceeded to inform her that yes they were. Then the ex-to-be told the Principal  that she was not happy and that she knew the kids were being Bullied. Mind you at this point in the conversation we had already told her Attorney that she was incorrect on this line of thinking and that the children were doing fine. OK back to the Principal , it was at this point he did it again move love for him and this school, told her “This is news to me, in fact your children are doing very well and have integrated just fine and have a large social network…..Boom you could have heard the mic drop. Wow, take that to the bank or put it in your pipe and smoke it. You are not going to bully the school into thinking that there is a problem when there is not one and never has been one. Snap bang boom BAM I drop the mic!

We ended the call I was feeling so much better when it was all done. I was having a hard day until that point in time. Okay I have put it out to the Universe that we needed some blessings. Them Boom the children’s Principal  goes and delivers a KO. Thank you God….


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