Doing what is right, may not be easy

Wow here I have been thinking of what to write about today. So I will try share subject cause I have been struggling with the issues that doing the right thing may not be easy but it is worth every second you have after you have done it.

I told a friend today how I was feeling about this subject cause I have now walked in both shoes. I have had it hit me in the face and I was also able to pay it forward.

I was very heartbroken to see it happening before my eyes and there was nothing more I could do but be a good friend and help where I could. My wonderful friends did it for me once I was out. Though if I had accepted their help years ago right now might have been different.

I used to think that I was ready to go forward with my life and leave the shit behind. But the truth be told you don’t really understand what you went though until you see it from a distance in someone else’s eyes. Then you start to see the OMG part of it. That part you at one time never understood and might have even said Get over it….I have even said that to myself. But the one thing I have learned in this year ,it takes time.

I learned that why you are going though issues that you are still coming to terms with others knew of them for a long time before you were ready to accept them yourself. I found that having wonderful friends like the ones I have, are made for when times are hard.

We all go through them but we all need to be ready to Pay it Forward.

Please please please be kind…….

RIP Orlando



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