Well here I go again

Yup back to the Laser once more. I think due to the little bit of shadows I will need 2 more treatments. After talking to the professional she agreed that two more were needed now just one more. I had forgotten that sting of the laser, lol. But at the end, I love the way my face feels. Wow nothing better than enjoying the feel of you face without whiskers. It is so nice not to have the scratches, sandpaper or whatever you want to us to describe the feel of your face.

Then to make these past few days all that much more enjoyable I am sick so posts have not been happening as much as I would like them. I know when I am sick, I start having issues with breathing. So much fun so you go to the doctors and boom now days they move on Breathing issues. Within minutes I was hooked up to all sorts of machines blood being taken oxygen levels checked. Damn they move on it, i love my doctors and I am very happy to take the drive to Westbury for good doctors. Of course I get the concern that the ex-to-be will say I am spying on her but I could give zero f’s about her.

I’m going back to bed……lol


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