The Sun Fell Today

The sun fell today
The Darkness engulfed the earth
The Flowers did not grow
The rain did not stop
The sun fell today
The birds did not sing
The children did not play
The lovers did not walk hand in hand
The sun fell today
The air was stale
The cattle gave no milk
The seas did not rise and fall
The sun fell today
There was no one to replace it
The love I knew was no more

I wrote this a year ago………

I am coming close to a point in my life where reflection is all that I have left. Of a time, of places, of a person. I don’t think many would understand my feelings on this cause I have even a hard time with them. I think I am understanding my grandfather more and more. A long time ago my Grandmother made a mistake that Haunted her for the rest of her life. It haunted my Grandfather as well. Even on his deathbed he forgave her. They lived with different people cause they could never again be with each other. But it never stopped my grandfathers heart. Granted he could never love her the way he once did because of what was done. He forgave her none the less. What an amazing man he was. I used to be concerned how he would have handled me. But then I come to what I have always known that I was loved.

I am including a song that never made as much sense as it does these days. This was my Grandfathers song. There is more to it, that if you read between the lines you would learn so much.

Funny how songs link us to events and people.

Yet in time we all move forward. Even though our past at times is hurtful and filled with memories. I think my Grandfather found peace and happiness in life without my Grandmother and now I am learning that same path. Learning to be happy sharing some of my hidden talents. Sharing some of me at times with all of my readers. I hope as we come to a new year mark that more of my posts will be a bit more uplifting. I do wish each and everyone of you a good life and good choices.


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