What do you do?

So here you are and you are now faced with a choice, cause I am. As you my readers know we faced this crime head on and our Daughter received no Justice. It was even so bad that when that child kept harassing our daughter.

So here I am looking at the overall big picture. I gave Micheal his fair go when it came to this issue. I trusted all the people on the Jury’s they had the evidence, i did not. Now that all the evidence is out for everyone to see what am I doing well it is very sad to say I am removing his music from my collection and here is why. When CeeLo Green was caught for rape and sexual harassment in my stand for women I removed his music from my collection. When Rolf Harris was convicted the Queen ditched his painting. Bill Cosby who once was the pin up for good fathers was shown to be a rapist, i refused to watch or listen to anything he did. When Cardinal George Pelt covered up sexual misdeeds we got mad

So where is the justice? If you don’t stand up and say No i will not support these crims. Cause to be honest you cannot be upset about the rapist whos parents were able to convince the courts that 20 minutes should not destroy his future. But the public has take to the internet not to let the public forget this perp / crim. So does what Michael Jackson did not the same as these other perps? Should we allow Michael’s talent to erase his crimes? Cause is that line of thinking not the same as Brock Turner defense of his actions that turned our stomachs.

So for me and my house we are removing Michael Jackson’s music from our collect. I Support all children who were harmed in anyway. Where do you stand when faced with the truth?

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