A question asked and replied to

Today, I got a funny email from a reader of my blog (thank you). The reader asked me “Why are you still single? What are you looking for?” Okay two very good questions. So I replied with the following…
“Thank you so much for the email. Let me start off with the following a very great person I know told me I am like a painting ” a work in progress” A year ago I was beyond miserable, it has taken me a long time to start to see who I am. In this one year that I have spent on me and my children. I have found new things about me that come with being honest with oneself. I have had the greatest time knowing my children without having the threat of abuse hanging over my head. I have looked at finding someone new, but being honest with myself has come at a price. That price is for someone to be with me they need to meet a high set of standards, ones I will not change for anything.
These standards are simple to here or read but hard to live by. They are Kindness with all things, Healthy in heart, body and mind, able to see beauty in all things, likes to try new foods, GENTLE, Does not see sex as a demand but as a beautiful act that builds the relationship, loves children, does not smoke, does not drink in excess, loves education, loves movies, does not flip the tv station when commercials are on, does not have the TV on during dinner time, is not hooked on the TV news, is not hung up on the little things I might do that are wrong, believes in forgiveness, loves my children as her own, loves that I am a complicated person, Loves music, loves art, most of all loves me even though I am Trans.
You see this is why I am still single. I am a very picky person, I have three little children who are still at home and four who have grown up and I am proud of all of them. Most of all I look out for the three little ones cause they are the air, water, fire, and earth of my life. Once upon a time there was a person who could be lifted up if the sun should fail to shine, she is no more. Now I have something even better I have my Sun, Moon and Stars my children. Many people cannot understand therefore they are not right for our family, after all it is not just me”
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