Pieces of your soul

Please try to follow me on this line of thinking. As I grow and grow in my wisdom of the years, I have read and looked into many different beliefs. Ranging from Buddhism to the state Zenism. I know your going to say what about Atheism, I have always felt we are far to great of a creation to end in a puff of dust.
So what if we are all wrong?  What if we have all missed the point of it? Okay there are over 300+ different beliefs in this world filled Religion. There is no way one of them can be right and the others are wrong. What if we are missing a huge part of the puzzle? What if all of them are right? Think about it, if you look at God being the supreme creator and all the others as his “Chosen” who at one point or another tried to come down and help us see that we are not just simple as something that crawled out of the slime.
Don’t get me wrong I believe in a balance in this universe meaning the Ying and Yang, the Light and Dark. One cannot be without the other. So I do believe in NDE (Near death Experiences) so I have seen the light. So where there is light there must be darkness.
What if the biggest clue we have is the very simple reason of love and kindness. We have all fanned the flames of hate for long enough and not one little bit has resulted in better living.

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