Cain got the question right….

I love having this blog for a number of reasons. It has allowed me to open up a bit more. I have readers who come and visit and leave me a message here and there. Then I have a few people who have left messages that question why I do my blog.
I got a question today that I wanted to address on my blog. The reader asks “Why write this stuff, no one gives a fuck what you think you Tranny!” a little bit later the writer states “We can spot you freaks a mile away”. Now I can post all of the crap that was written in the email but to be honest its very hard to read and follow the thoughts. The writer asked me to reply so i did and here is what I said.

Dear Reader,

Thank you for taking the time and writing me as I have always said I will answer anything but hate. Be assured that I am not going to come out in this letter bashing you for your thoughts. I also don’t feel the need to spend hours trying to enlighten you on all of you misconceptions. But, please follow along you might just grasp something you never looked at.

There is a timeless question that was asked in the bible and if you trust in believe in it, then you must understand this question before turning any page in the Great Book. Cain asked God, “Am I my brothers keeper?” Now you spent time looking up your homophobic bible verses on the internet (next time remove the tags). But the problem is that you used the internet to copy in paste them with out really reading them. I do believe and to be honest how I choose to believe is between God and I. But go back to Cain once more. Why did he asked the question? Did he really think that he was going to get an answer saying “Noooo I Just thought I would waste my time asking you?” Throughout parts of the bible we come back to the core of it “Am I my brothers keeper” Christ answered “yes”, Peter answer “Yes” even Saul after getting punched in the head and changed his name answered “Yes”.  So when you claim that why should I spend my time writing my “Filth”. I put it to you that if I can save just one person, just one, the woman in the mirrorhell that is 99% of all Transpeople growing up’s hell. That means I stood and said “Yes”. You blasted my simple pose of Mirror. That is fine as well, i did not write it for you, I wrote if for a good woman who shared a drawing. Now before you attack her in a reply, she is my friend and remember I said “Yes”. I will not spend time reading hate mail or give you airtime to your misguided reading of the Bible.

The only reason I am replying now is cause I might be able to cast a light on your lack of understand of Transpeople. Did you know that a lot of us are Artisans in one medium or another. Some of us create without ever anyone seeing what magics flow from our fingertips. Calling us uneducated is also far from the truth. But it was the last paragraph you wrote that got me. I love my children in so much that I will always be here for them. If I chose to have a special person in my life I will make 100% sure that person is safe, honest, Educated, kind, gentle and all around a good clean and safe person. No I am not going to require them to have a police check. But I promise you this much I will know them. If at any point I feel that they are not safe for my children they will not be around. You see those traits I am looking for. Well I look in my Mirror and make sure that I am able to give those as well. My kids will someday stand beside me and say “Yes”.

I leave you and close my reply to you with this…. It does matter the clothes you wear, how much the car you drive costs, how big your house is, who you go to bed with, all the matters is love. I say “Yes” for all my children, I say “Yes” for all my friends, I say “Yes” for the homeless, and I say “Yes” for those who cannot afford bread. When you leave this big blue rock in whatever form you do all that will matter is what you take with you. It will not be gold, cars, fancy things, and not even your birthday suit. What you leave with is who you are, what you have done for those who have less, what you have felt, what you have seen, and the biggest thing you will leave with is the love that is in your heart. I stood and I stand and I say “Yes”.

I wish you all the best, I hope that maybe you have found some enlightenment. Goodbye.

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  1. Well said Aleana.
    The one thing that Jesus said that is constant in my life is “love one another as I have loved you”.
    The sort of comments you are replying to are not Christian. They’re just uneducated bigots.
    Keep writing. Keep creating. Keep on being the beautiful loving parent I know you are.


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