I found something

I found this video……. Right now it has been placing a bit more importance in the way I have been thinking. To be honest it is damn scary to ask someone for company.


I have been meeting some amazing people, some I would love to go out on a date with and it is so hard to just ask. Look I don’t mind being rejected, that happens. What I do mind is not knowing who I can ask out without offending them. Cause lets be honest with ourselves I am an Acquired taste, i’m not a guy and I am not a girl. I am Trans, I identify with women more than I do with men. I prefer the feelings of the way I have been for the last year or so, open and out as a Transwoman. All my life I have felt different, now some part of me feels in tune. No more do I struggle with emotional life. Though saying that I am still attracted to women. So that leaves me dating a select group of people. Now you can see that the dating pool has reduced big time. It is not my like Gaydar works cause to be honest. I was not born with it, in fact my Gaydar is so messed up that two rams in a field could be at it and I would miss it completely.

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