Breast Growth…Boobies

I saw this question on a post in a support Facebook group so I am placing my reply here as well.

Okay from a great deal of research here is what I know. 1) every trans woman will have different results
2) size is going to be on general one cup size smaller than your mum, and sisters who are part puberty.
3) age at start of transition
4) health at start of your transition
5) pre existing medical conditions (man boobs, asthma, anything with steroids)
6) employment past
7) fat intake during transition
8) stress
9) external manipulation (massages, look up Japanese beast massages)
10) wearing a bra regardless of current size

I hope this information helps you. I’m on 11 months get to big for an A cup start to fill out a B cup. My mum was a DD one of my sister’s is an omg, and the other is a DD. I. Was 46 when I started HRT with small man boobs, I have asthma, had good chest muscles, I’m healthy, keep the fat intake higher, Japanese breast massages regular. Currently I’m a looking at a C cup when HRT is in its 3rd year. Have to say the following let time and the drugs run the it path, do not have breast augmentation before 3 years as doing so might have some shocking results when 3rd year of HRT is finished.

Well I can’t think of a picture that would make this funny or light. But to be honest information is more important.


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