Something I was asked to do

A little bit ago great and wonderful friend asked me to read a new release from the LDS Church about the LGBT communities. She said there was a shift in it towards transgender people. I read it and read it again, in fact three times. I walked away came back later reread it again. I hoped for the truth in what I read. But sadly I walked away after the forth time reading it feeling nothing but the opposite. A lack hope, cause there was a lack of true direction to the membership and leaders. I don’t feel the need to post the link. My shelf is broken and a little bit of tape cannot fix that. It is time for a new shelf. I’ve been building that for about a year now. Good things take time.
I have come to the feeling that the LDS church is never going to address all the errors in its building structure. It was always told to us that without the Book of Mormon the church would fail. Sorry to say history is not very forgiving. Yes time does show the light of the truth. To this date there is no evidence in South and Central America. There is no evidence in North America. DNA testing has also failed to show proof. The countless changes in the story of how Joseph Smith saw the first vision. I can no longer over look.
Telling me that intellectualism is harmful does not stand against all the years of them telling me to learn cause knowledge is power. You can’t say one thing then smack us in the head with it later.
I am also sad to say but just like so many others that when confronted by my issues. Leaders fail to show evidence or arguments to support their beliefs. In fact the overall refusal to address the issues and the removal of those that ask is just not right. Such is the case with Jeremy Runnel of the . Abused and belittled to the point of calling a Kangaroo church court cause the newest state president did not like him. Points out the issues of the direction of all the leaders are based upon sand in the desert.
I am so angry with the Stone in the Hat story, don’t even get me going on that farce. I will not be coming back. Change what you may it is to late your corner stone has flaws that should not be over looked i’m sorry. Goodbye Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints (Mormons)

*I needed to finish this post as it has been in my drafts for a long time

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